Friday, November 6, 2009

Time Share investment Peak Season

In most time share properties there is a peak season. Like down in Mexico or in the Caribbean Islands. If you own a time share in the Rocky Mountains near a ski resort, you will have two peak (highest rent time) seasons. You will be able to have the summer from June to September and then again your bonus is winter from November to April. A time share located in an area like this will make you twice the money as one in an area with only one peak season. If you schedule your time off peak, you could do quite well with the fishing/skiing timeshare.

Time Shares Go Mobile

You can even find the time share concept in mobile homes and expensive, high end motor homes. Not only are motor homes and mobile homes a novel idea for time share investments, they can bring in a good cash flow when you are not using your rolling property. These time share investments can be rented weekly at a good rate to bring in a steady cash flow each month. In today’s investment market, it pays to be creative and this, to me, is a creative investment property idea. If you can use the motor home 2 or 3 months a year and have it pay for itself the rest of the year, why not.

Raise the Roof on Investment Property

There is a new trend in time share investment properties in the larger cities of the United States. There are now time shares in high rise buildings. There is safety in your investment with this type of time share as people have to pass by other homes within the building daily and allows for tenants to see if there are problems in a certain unit. This also allows the tenants to get to know their neighbors and this cuts down on illegalities within the building. You could even schedule time for a vacation in the city for a time each year.

Pick Your Days, Rent the Rest

The time share investment is much different from other investment properties in that you get pleasure and recreation out of it as well as making money. All you have to do is choose what dates you would like to use the property in the coming year, send them to the property management company, and your part is done. You just show up when you are supposed to be there and the management company rents it out the rest of the year when you are not. What more could you ask for in an investment property.

Variety in Investing with Time Share Investment Properties

There is big opportunity right now in the time share investment. You can find just about any variety in time shares, anywhere in the world. Time share investment is the newest and hottest thing on the investment property scene. The most appealing thing about time share investment is that when you are not using it, someone else is making the payment. You can enjoy that beautiful time share at Jackson Hole from November till March and rent it out the whole time you are summering in Cabo. No wonder they are hot right now, and the benefits of time shares are wonderful.